A trip to pick up supplies is always anticipated for a while before it actually happens.  I have this thing about liking to see, touch and feel the supplies when I buy.  I definitely prefer purchasing in person rather than on the internet.

Yesterday hubby and I took a long drive into Gardena, CA to go to one of my main suppliers - Pacific Art Glass.  They are a large warehouse-type wholesale store and it can be overwhelming to say the least. 

I am a professed list maker, though and always go prepared.  I even stayed under budget this time, while getting more than was on my list.  Now, that is probably because I tend to over-estimate the costs on my list just so I can get more and not be too surprised at the register.

I picked up glass, frit, paint and kiln wash yesterday.  Nothing too exciting, just the basic tools I needed, but I can't help looking forward to trying out the new paint colors I was able to get.

New Paints

My favorite purchase yesterday was the acquisition of 2 new colors - teal and brown.  To date I have been having to mix other colors to create teal and brown.  I am excited to try them pre-mixed and not have to guess if I have too much or too little of one color or another in the mix.  

I mostly use Fusemaster Enamels - Lead Free Opaques.  I purchased about 10 colors of said paints about 15 years ago.  At the time, they were just $5.85 per ounce.  I have been pretty much using those same bags of paints (except for a couple of replacements) since that time.  I have, of course, been painting so much in the last year, that I have had to update my stash.  I don't know if there were any interim pricing increases, but those same paints are now selling for about $15 to $20 per ounce.  Crazy, huh?

Still, I like their consistency and ease of firing.  As well, they actually have a very true red color (as seen in my previous post) that is hard to find in other lead free paints.  So..... that's life, I guess.

 Anyway, here's an image I finished last week - Enjoy!

January 14, 2011 015 "The Watcher"
Reverse Painted and Kiln Fired Glass mounted on wood  approx. 10 x 4"