It's a Box!

I hope you all have been having a splendid New Year so far! 

I am a list maker.  I need lists to keep my ideas focused and even just to remember what I want to do since I tend to get a lot of ideas all at once sometimes.  So several weeks ago I downloaded an app called Todoist onto my phone and onto my computer.  It is basically a lists app and can be organized in a variety of ways and you can schedule each task to have a specific due date (or not).  I love this app!  It has really kept me going when I sometimes feel like I have so many ideas and not sure what to do next.  The lists remind me of what I intended and what I thought was more important as I dated/scheduled each item.  Oh- and the phone and computer versions are linked so when you update one, the other is automatically updated, too!

This all brings me to the idea I had many months ago and added to my list as soon as I got the app.  It has taken me several weeks to actually finish my prototype due to other projects, etc getting in the way, but I finally got it finished last night and I am so happy with it!

This is my prototype for a 5" round glass box.  It is entirely made of reverse enameled glass pieces except for the feet and the knob handle which were all hand made from polymer clay. 

There are a couple of things I might tweak in the final version, but overall I couldn't be happier and have lots of ideas for many more of these as well as other shapes.

Check it out.....




Happy Holidays!

Hi Everyone,

I just felt the need to express my gratitude and warm feelings for all of you that have supported me throughout this crazy year of new beginnings!

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season and a happy, healthy and FUN New Year!!


Put-Upon  8 x 8"


2018 Workshop Schedule

Hi Everyone!

I have been working on my Workshop Schedule for 2018 and have some exciting new studios in areas across the US that I'll be headed to! Please check it out and come learn this fun technique with me! 

I'm going to be teaching in my home studio as well starting in February.  My space is small, so seats are limited, but it will be a cozy, fun time for anyone that wants to see where it all happens!  

I'd love to see you at any of these wonderful locations -- Rhode Island, Utah, Arizona, Washington, Maryland, California, Oregon -- Here I come!!


Reverse Enameling Workshop at AAE Glass

Hi Everyone!

I want to share this really great video that shows pictures of my work with the techniques I will be teaching in my workshop as well as the dates and details of the workshop at AAE Glass next February.

There will be two sessions, so please choose the dates that work for you and come on out to their amazing new shop/studio/classroom!

February 21-24, 2018

February 26- March 1, 2018

Contact AAE Glass for more information or to sign up TODAY!



Holiday Art Shows

I wanted to be sure to get you all the information for the upcoming art shows I have this holiday season.  I hope you can make it out to one or all of these shows in the Bend, OR area to pick up some wonderful holiday gifts - whether you buy from me or any one of my fellow artists, you are sure to score some wonderful handmade items at these great shows!


November 17-18, 2017
Wendy's Wish - The Christmas Goose Boutique
Bend, OR


November  24-25, 2017
Sunriver Holiday Traditions Marketplace
Sunriver, OR


December 8-10, 2017
Holiday Tails Art Fair
A benefit for the Humane Society of Central Oregon
Bend Factory Outlet Stores - Suite 130
Bend, OR
Friday night 4-8pm Wine & Cheese Reception
Saturday 10-4 and Sunday 11-4

I've even made ornaments!

ORNAMENT 2017 4  

A Lot Going On

Hello, everyone!

I have had a lot going on and still so much more to come.  I'm going to start here with what I have been up to....

    I have been getting around the country quite a bit teaching workshops of my Reverse Glass Enameling process.  It has been, at times, fun, rewarding and exhausting, but always an adventure!  I have met some amazing human beings and seen parts of the country I might not ordinarily get to in the course of my lifetime.

A montage of some student work from a workshop at Weisser Glass in Kensington, MD early this spring --

    I have set up booths at several art shows since the middle of July - in Salem, Sunriver, Bend, Tigard - and have three more coming up in the next few weeks.


    I've also been working on some new designs as well as turning some of the new and some old designs into wall hanging tiles as an alternative to bowls.  I love the little spots of color these provide to any little corner or wall space.


    Somehow the husband and I have even found time to get out and do a little camping before the snow hit our area.  We did a little trip through Portland and over to the coast, down a bit and back through the Detroit Lake area heading home.  It was fun and the dogs just LOVED running on the beach.


I really hope your summer and fall have been full of great things for you and your family, too.  I look forward to catching you all up on what is coming up for me real soon!


Sunriver Art Fair

Hi Everyone!

This weekend will be my second year with a booth at the Sunriver Art Fair in b-e-a-utiful Sunriver, Oregon!

I'm looking forward to this show and have several new pieces and designs to show you, so I hope you will stop by to say "Hi" and check it all out.

Sunriver Art Fair
The Village at Sunriver
August 11-13, 2017
Friday and Saturday 9:30am to 6pm
Sunday 9:30am to 4pm


Here's one of the latest pieces --
"Smelling the Flowers" 
Approx. 3  x 6" tile mounted for hanging on a wall

Raccoon with flowers tile 1

For the Birds


It is nice to see the beautiful weather come back to us each spring isn't it?  Two years ago when we moved in to our current home, I bought myself a beautiful sleek ceramic bird bath.  It was awesome and I loved it. 

I brought it into our storage building during that first winter because I know that ceramics don't do well in super cold freezes.  But, I forgot to do that this past winter.  Big mistake!

The bowl of the bird bath broke into many pieces, but the stand was just fine.  So what does a glass bowl maker do when a bowl breaks??  They make a new bowl! 

So here is my version - it is made with a clear glass scrap melt, black sgraffito and colored enamel background.  It is about 16" diameter and I used a rough octagon of kiln posts to slump it over for this fun ruffled edge effect.

I love it and so do the birds!

Bird Bath 2
Bird Bath 2
Bird Bath 2


Slow Glass

I have been a glass artist for over 25 years.  But I have also been a quilter for more than 10 years.  Glass turned from a hobby into a career rather quickly and I have never regretted that.  Quilting has always been something I do to keep my hands busy while watching TV at night.  I don't generally sell my quilts - I use them around the house, for warmth or decoration, or I give them as gifts.  I prefer to sew by hand, but use the machine for much of the piecing and save the applique and hand quilting for the couch where I can cozy up with my blanket, dogs and cat and husband.

My sister, Kristin Shields, is the one who got me interested in quilting (and knitting for that matter).  She is 4 years older than me and I have to admit that I still look up to her and want to do what she is doing.  I love her work and her style.  Several years ago she turned me on to the term "Slow Cloth".  

I am not a very consistent quilter and have only made maybe a dozen or two quilts over the past years.  But since moving to Oregon in 2015 and being closer to Kristin and the incredible quilting community here, I have been going through my work a little more quickly.  I was recently prompted to make this little applique dog quilt by something mentioned in our quilt guild meeting this month.  

Applique dog quilt April 2017

Our guild is having our annual quilt show in August in Sunriver, OR and they will have a display of appliqued "critter" quilts.  I had just drawn this design to make into a small glass bowl and thought it would be great in fabric as well.  While I was working on this quilt, I decided I wanted to try some "Big Stitch" quilting.  I played around more with the color of the thread and the spacing of the stitches and didn't really worry about perfect, tiny quilting stitches.  It was so much more relaxing and fun to do.

This was such a quick project that when I was done I was itching to do more work in a similar vein.  I had pieced together this other quilt many months ago and had always intended to do some embroidery stitch work in the blocks.  One afternoon I quickly sandwiched it together with the batting and backing fabric and sat down to stitch.  

Quilt 1

Quilt 2

And the term Slow Cloth came to my mind.  I pulled out my trusty iphone and googled the term which I hadn't thought much about in several years at least.  I came up with this article of a talk given by Elaine Lipson in 2012.  I read the article and then dove into my stitching.  

I was reminded that hand work, art work, should be done well, should be done with mindfulness and should be enjoyable.

As I stitched away I continued thinking about the philosophy and reminding myself to slow down and enjoy the process.  I have been working on this quilt for several days and really look forward to sitting down to it each night. 

You might be wondering how this applies to my glass work.  Well, I have recently been working on a slightly different technique from my normal work.  I am fusing my clear glass scraps into round blanks that can be painted on and turned into bowls.  I began using this Slow Cloth idea and applying it to my work in the studio.  I feel my work is always done well, with mindfulness and is enjoyable, but I had begun taking those things for granted as you do when you are trying to make a living doing your art.

I am trying to create "Slow Glass" by slowing down, taking my time and letting the work flow more.  For example, I am doing some sgraffito work on these new pieces.  In that process, I could simply transfer my pre-drawn designs onto the enamel and scratch the design in.  But I decided to try going free-hand and just let the work be molded by what's in front of me.  Since they are done without the benefit of a compass, a ruler or an eraser, they may have wonky circles or mismatched arches.  I am okay with that.  They feel very organic, unhurried and fun.  

Black and white sgraffito on scrap melt April 2017

Black and white sgraffito on scrap melt April 2017 2

Black and white sgraffito on scrap melt April 2017 4
Images are In-Progress shots - not fully finished bowls.

I hope you like them too.  I am making this first batch with a white wash of enamel on the backs to create some bold black and white designs.  Very different from my normal bright and colorful pieces so they may appeal to a different crowd.  I have more ideas for these pieces and look forward to playing with my "Slow Glass" over the next several months.