It is always hard to come up with a special Christmas gift for my hubby since we  have been together for 26 years.  What do you get a guy that buys what he wants when he wants it?  Well, I have managed to surprise him a few times in the past years, and this year I think I handled it pretty well. 

Now, you may have noticed that my business name is Silly Dog Art Glass.  Well, there are actually 3 silly dogs in my household.  And, of course, the old man has his favorite little girl.  So, I found a semi-recent photo of Lacey and attempted to reproduce her image in my reverse glass painted technique.

Lacey cropped 

December 27, 2010 001 (49) 
The glass is about 5" square.  I knitted and felted the fabric backing, mounted the glass to the felt and hung it from a super smooth piece of found local driftwood. Holes are drilled into the wood and copper wire and beads make a sturdy hanger. 

December 27, 2010 001 (22) Painting on the black outline before first kiln firing.

December 27, 2010 001 (50)Close up of the finished tile, mounted. 

The copper piece on the bottom right is a piece of copper sheeting stamped with her name, holes punched in either end and tied onto the piece of felting.

Later I will get into more of the steps for the reverse painting, but for now, I just felt I had to show my little girl.  Isn't she adorable?