Some More Recent Work

Making It Through

Hi Everybody!

We are all just getting on, minding our own business now, so to speak.  This COVID 19 really has the world upside down right now.  I have heard some really unpleasant stories and hope that as you are reading this, you are doing well.

For me and my husband it is almost life as normal.  I work from home creating my glass art and he is retired and likes to work around the house and yard anyway.  He has built a pond and stream and is always adding little touches around the place.  We both enjoy daily walks with the dogs and in general hanging around the house anyway. 

But, it has really stopped all of my sales venues.  The galleries that I am in are closed and all of the art shows that I would be going and setting up my booth and wares at to sell have been cancelled through July.  I am very fortunate that some of my followers have taken the time to browse my Etsy shop and purchased several pieces online and I have received several custom orders in the past few weeks as well.  

I have also had to cancel both of my upcoming Reverse Enameling Workshops and it was a blow to me and my students, but it will all work out.  I have faith that we will pull through and it will get better.  Life may be different, but it will go on.

Here are some images of recent work I've finished - hope they make you smile!

IMG_8867 IMG_8886 IMG_8907 IMG_8891