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Seattle Here I Come!

A Bit of an Update

Hi Everyone!

Just a little note here to let you know I've made some very minor adjustments to my website.  Although they make a big difference to me, you probably won't really notice any changes except for the Shop format.

After a trial run with a Square Store, I've gone back to my Etsy Store as my main selling platform.  I hope you will check it out when you need a gift for a friend, family member or even for yourself!  In the end I think it's quite a bit more user friendly for everyone involved.  

I am still adding a few more items, but you will find the majority of my currently available tiles, bowls, plates and platters as well as the glass painting supplies like enamels, clove oil and gum arabic there now.

Thank you so much for spending some time with me on my blog, website, Facebook and Instagram pages!  I enjoy sharing with you and hearing all of your comments.