The Making of a Custom Order

Enamels Now Available

Hi Everyone!

Just a quick note to let you know I am now selling Easy Fire Fusemaster Enamels.  If you have taken my class, purchased my video tutorial or are just interested in playing with these beautiful, high quality enamels now you can get them right here!

I am selling just 16 colors of the EZ Fire line.  These are the colors I like and choose to use.  They are also the ones I most recommend for my technique and process.  

The Easy Fire Enamels are easy to use with most mixing mediums.  I sell clove oil in a super convenient glass eye dropper bottle as well as powdered Gum Arabic to mix for a water based medium - both of these are shown how to be used in my video and workshops.

Check them out here and see the great prices and convenient color sets I have put together as well.  

Keep on Painting!!