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Off Again

For the Birds


It is nice to see the beautiful weather come back to us each spring isn't it?  Two years ago when we moved in to our current home, I bought myself a beautiful sleek ceramic bird bath.  It was awesome and I loved it. 

I brought it into our storage building during that first winter because I know that ceramics don't do well in super cold freezes.  But, I forgot to do that this past winter.  Big mistake!

The bowl of the bird bath broke into many pieces, but the stand was just fine.  So what does a glass bowl maker do when a bowl breaks??  They make a new bowl! 

So here is my version - it is made with a clear glass scrap melt, black sgraffito and colored enamel background.  It is about 16" diameter and I used a rough octagon of kiln posts to slump it over for this fun ruffled edge effect.

I love it and so do the birds!

Bird Bath 2
Bird Bath 2
Bird Bath 2