Blue Birds in Amber

Some of you might remember the disaster I had with firing this painting a while ago.  


I vowed to try again with what I wanted to do and this time there was success!  I still don't know what the actual problem was last time, but I do have theories.  Anyhoo - so happy with how it finally came out.

Here is a process photo of how the bowl was actually built ---

You can see the layer of clear strips on the bottom with the medium amber glass strips on top.


And here is the finished bowl!

Amber Blue Bird Bowl 1

I love the striations created by the overlapping strips of glass.  And, it is difficult to see in the photo, but there are lacy holes throughout the border that lend a very delicate look as well.

The bowl is about 15" diameter and 3" deep.  It is currently available for sale - let me know if you are interested. :-)

Amber Blue Bird Bowl 4